The benefits of the INPRO Roll Cutter 180

Simplicity in Performance

The cost- and time saving solutions for large format screen, digital, offset and the POP/POS printers, which means in practice:
·      Heavy duty roll cutter with maximal cutting paper rolls of 1800mm width
·      Motorised jumbo roll standard for feeding and stopping the roll material

·      Highest safety level met by covers on the top, and a total integrated safety system
·      The heavy duty rollstandard can cut materials up to 9999m and can handle rolls of maximum 1400Kg weight
·      Plc program and machine designed for easy one man operation
·      Optimal cutting quality by scissor knife movement and variabel speed
·      The machine is developed for cutting foils, papers, vinyl and many other materials
·      Optional stacking table
·      Conform CE norms

Printing is not the bottleneck it’s the finishing


Let us know what materials you need to sheet !

For (extra) options, as well as other configurations or the possibility to inform you about the Inpro Roll Cutter or your specific needs contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for detailed information.

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